Using R Statistical Programming Package (Rattle Platform)

Replication all analysis and modeling techniques using R.

Predictive Modeling using R/Rattle

Replicating SAS Procedures in R


4 thoughts on “Using R Statistical Programming Package (Rattle Platform)

  1. The video on replicating the SAS procedures in R is very useful and informative. Hope it might me much useful for me, since I am a fresher, working under the field of SAS. Please share me the type of clustering algorithm that SAS will use behind the scenes in its PROC VARCLUS procedure.

  2. Hi Karan,

    Could you please share the dataset which you have used for the Predictive Modelling. The video was awesome.. Just I wanted to try myself..


  3. These videos, have been extremely helpfully, can you please also share those videos which you have share so far, like the videos on second class on Factor & Cluster Analysis.


    • Hi Karan,
      I watched your Basic k-means clustering it was awesome. However, I couldn’t find the video for next session on Clustering. Could you please upload them.
      Many Thanks,

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