Advanced SAS Programming – Day 12 & 13 (Introduction to PROC SQL)




Day 12 – Introduction to PROC SQL

  • Group By and Having clauses in SQL
  • – Using aggregate functions to summarize data in SQL
  • – Using nested Where clause in SQL
  • – Modifying datasets using Create Table Like, Create Table As, Alter Table and Update clauses

Day 13 – PROC SQL Continued

– Using SQL queries in SAS
– Queries to create a table and select values from a table
– Using SQL conditional statements (Where and Case When clauses)
– Order by clause in SQL to sort datasets


6 thoughts on “Advanced SAS Programming – Day 12 & 13 (Introduction to PROC SQL)

  1. Nice Videos, I had learnt my SAS 2 years back from ATI and this Video Set was a wonderful refresher. Karan, as had been indicated earlier both Videos 12 and 13 are the same.

  2. Both the videos are same…………………..Please try to upload the correct video ASAP also I would like to thank learn analytics for sharing these videos.

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