Data Analysis ToolPak – Karl Pearson Correlation Matrix

In this video segment, I talk about enabling the Data Analysis ToolPak – Addin in excel. This is a powerful and rarely explored feature in MS Excel which can do a lot of stuff. In this series of video demonstration, I will be exploring these features.

The first of which is creating a Correlation matrix in Excel. The file used can be downloaded ¬†here –>¬†car_sales.



5 thoughts on “Data Analysis ToolPak – Karl Pearson Correlation Matrix

  1. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us.

    Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was reading few published research paper on accuracy of statistical data analysis in excel,
    by two professors from Drexel university, PA.

    There are many other statisticians who have affirmed that excel will not be reliable for performing statistical analysis.

    Off topic: Other than using excel for data analysis, Your website is just awefully wonderful!! Thanks for posting such rich information on your website. Really informative.

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