IBM SPSS Webinar on Youtube

For those who want to catch the webinar on IBM SPSS conducted on Jan 8th, we have uploaded the full 2 hour session on youtube. The audio can be a bit patchy in parts though.

The dataset used for the credit scoring exercise can be downloaded from here. The dataset with the validation report on deciles and cutoffs/profit calculation can be downloaded from here.

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6 thoughts on “IBM SPSS Webinar on Youtube

  1. HI Karan,

    Your sessions are very good. It is better than what I studied in my MSc statistics class. But I have a question. This session is giving a general overview based on how much cut off we can decide whether a person is getting a loan or not. If a new person comes to a loan with all the variables information how can we decide whether he is good or bad? Based on which equation we calculated the probability?

  2. Dear Mr Karan,

    I am very happy to tell you, that your sessions are really good. But when I watching the videos, bit a noise around. Also, could you please tell me, as soon as we are done with analysis how are we going to provide the results to the Client.. Could you please tell me what is the deployment ? Please help me with this.


  3. Dear Mr Karan Sarao,

    Very usefull your tutorial about credit scoring. I would like to ask you more information about de variable “Random”. I understood that the variable is introduced for aiding in obtaining a traing set (70%) and a test set (30%). But what is behind in chosing the range from wich is “extracted” the random number. If we have, say, 3333 cases, the formula “=randbeetwen(1,10)” copied down on all the 3333 rows can also help in obtaining the 70% / 30% sets?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  4. Dear Mr Karan Sarao, thanks for this illustration. This tutorial made clear my ideas about credit scoring.
    My best regards,
    Grace J.
    Lima, Perú

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