Base SAS Programming – Day 1

The BASE SAS video series begins with the assumption that the student viewer has no background in SAS programming and in fact very limited to no prior exposure to any kind of programming at all. Base SAS video series comprises of 9 video lectures (Average of hour and a half each), plus additional videos covering Advanced topics like PROC SQL and SAS Macros.

Day 1 topics as below —

  1. Intro to Libraries, Data step and Proc step in SAS
  2. Data step example:
    • Creating a sample dataset using Datalines / Cards statement
    • Understanding data types in SAS
    • Informat and Format
    • Label
  3.  Proc step example: Overview
    • Proc Contents – to know the dataset structure, with list of variables and number of observations
      • Varnum option – to list the variables of a dataset in creation order (otherwise the list is in alphabetic order)
    • Proc Print – to view the data in a dataset.
      • Label option and Var statement
    • Proc Means – to extract basic statistics of a numerical variables in a dataset like N, Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum and Maximum (default)


16 thoughts on “Base SAS Programming – Day 1

  1. Really very nice session. voice is not clear but the concepts were very clear. The way you were asking a questions and explaining the doubts was really good and it helps a lot of every student.

  2. I was really looking forward to go through the SAS video but the voice of the trainer is not at all clear, very difficult to understand with so much noise in the background.

    Please upload better videos, if available. Thanks

  3. Very difficult to understand and very noisy background with babies screaming, not only difficult to understand the speaker but also very distracting, a real shame as the content of the course was good.

  4. if you guys had a better computer, the course time would get shorter than 8 hours xD otherwise I think this is a good course. I’m 20 minutes into it right now, thought I’d leave a message :p

  5. good evening,

    my self arunkumar learning sas in hyderabad right now i would like join for live class
    if there is any possibillity.

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