Base SAS Programming – Day 2

  1. Proc Contents – other option
    • Position – to list the variables in alphabetic order as well as in order of creation in the dataset.
    • _all_ option – to list out the contents of all the files / datasets in a library
    • nods option – used only with _all_ , to list out only the file/dataset names in a library
  2. Data step:
    • Creating a copy of a dataset using data and set statement.
    • Keep and Drop options – to modify a dataset by retaining only the required variables in it. Can be used in both Data and Set statements.
    • Rename and Label statements to change the name of the variable and provide a brief description to it.
    • Using Firstobs and obs option in Data step
  3. Proc Print: Options
    • Firstobs and Obs – to specify the number of observations (based on observation number) to be printed in the result / output window
    • Label – Prints the label of the variable in place of the variable name in the output.
    • n – specifies the  number of observations in the result


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