Data Analysis Toolpak – 2 Sample T Test

We check the significance of the difference in means between 2 samples using a T Test (in Excel).
Dataset can be downloaded at

Data Analysis Tool Pak – Multiple Linear Regression (Excel 2010)

In this segment – I demonstrate the use of Data Analysis Tool Pak to build a multiple linear model using only Excel 2010 and basic interpretation of the results.

While the Data Analysis Toolpak does not replace a dedicated statistical tool, it does allow you to quickly check and do basic tests, analysis on Excel in a user friendly way, however it’s capabilities are limited and not recommended as a dedicated tool.

Advanced SAS Programming – SAS Macros



Using Macros in SAS

Creating a Macro in SAS
– Calling a SAS Macro
– Keyword parameters and Positional parameters in Macros
– Using %Macro, %Let, %Put, %Symput
– Using %If %Then %Do statements

R-Rattle Training Video

Today, we are going to introduce a very powerful data mining tool called Rattle. Interesting feature of Rattle is that it is a GUI which sits on top of R. What it means is that it gives users a point and click interface to build data mining projects, predictive Models etc without writing a single line of R code.

In the featured video we have built various predictive models on a credit scoring dataset and compared their performances against each other using ROC curves. Models built are –>

  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
  • Adaptive Boosting
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural Networks

This was done without writing any R code (except to launch rattle). Total video lenght is about 17 minutes, which will take you through data import in rattle, variable exploration, model building and model evaluation using ROC’s.

This video is for people from an advanced analytics background as we have not explained much of the methodologies behind the techniques, merely how to do in Rattle. Those who can understand the methodology and are not working in the analytics industry, you should immediately jump ship, greener pastures are awaiting (Seriously, if you understand even 40% of this, you cannot be unemployed!)

For those, who want to understand and learn stuff shown on the video, check out our website, we specialize in Analytics Training for students worldwide. We provide SAS, R , Advanced Analytics trainings.

For doubts/queries, batch timings, drop in  a mail to

  1. Click here to download R
  2. Click here to download Rattle
  3. Click here to download the dataset discussed in the video

To install rattle, simply follow the instructions on the website linked above, if you have problems in installing,drop us a mail, we will be glad to help you out. We will be following up on a detailed post on R and rattle installation with troubleshooting.

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