Data Analysis Toolpak – 2 Sample T Test

We check the significance of the difference in means between 2 samples using a T Test (in Excel).
Dataset can be downloaded at

Data Analysis Tool Pak – Multiple Linear Regression (Excel 2010)

In this segment – I demonstrate the use of Data Analysis Tool Pak to build a multiple linear model using only Excel 2010 and basic interpretation of the results.

While the Data Analysis Toolpak does not replace a dedicated statistical tool, it does allow you to quickly check and do basic tests, analysis on Excel in a user friendly way, however it’s capabilities are limited and not recommended as a dedicated tool.

Data Analysis ToolPak – Karl Pearson Correlation Matrix

In this video segment, I talk about enabling the Data Analysis ToolPak – Addin in excel. This is a powerful and rarely explored feature in MS Excel which can do a lot of stuff. In this series of video demonstration, I will be exploring these features.

The first of which is creating a Correlation matrix in Excel. The file used can be downloaded ¬†here –>¬†car_sales.